cricket final

April 21, 2014

Sadly Pakistan are out .Sri lanka vs India to win the icc world cup. india make 162 20 overs, Sri lanka need a big score to get.Then sri lanka make 175 and win the icc cup and dance to gangnam style.


April 21, 2014

Today it was real Madrid vs mr Lyford’s team Almeria and guess what Almertia lost 4-0 . Althletico Madrid,Real Madrid and Barcelona are chasing for the Spanish title. Its going to be a big match Barcelona vs real Madrid 4-3 aggregate

It! part 2

April 21, 2014

As I woke up my head started to hurt.Then, I found out that was lying down on a hard, silver surface. There standing in the dark side of the room was the the thing that I strangely encountered last month and the grey figure that I met before everything blacked out.

I struggled to get up, but I couldn’t. As if there was something holding me down. As I looked down to see what was holding me… it turned out, it was nothing!

I shouted,

“Why are you doing this to me! Please get me out of here, i’m scared please, i’m begging you!”

“This is for your own good. Please listen to us, we’re telling the truth because we’re your parents!


402 words

March 7, 2014

today me and my cousin is coming to knok for me and we are going to go to the skate park and we will go to town and i whent to my mums house and we got stuff to eat and play football and we are going to go to my cousins house and we are play gta 5 and go out to the skate park and we played a scooter game and after we whent to my brothers house and i played with other people and it was so fun and we hade a drink called rio so we  whent to the zoo  to see the rino

and it was so fun and it was the happy ist day of my life and i love my bloging it got me into my writing and myhand riting is geting better and better every day i go on the blog and thats what got me into my happy mode and it is so fun and my dad took my scooter and i never got it back  and i am geting my scooter back to day and i am going to get my cousins today and we are going  to the skate park and i am going to his house and it is so fun and cane not fuget about that day that was the fun ist day ever and year6 love bloging and it makes you want to writte more and more  and it makes your handwriting better every day and you would like the bloging  we all love the blog on the holiday i was sleeping at my cozens house and we was eating ice creemall night and we stayed up all night and we were playing a game called sansroth the thired and it is so hard to play a missons and i had to you’s the chet code to get a motor bike to unloke the scramberler  so i can go up ramp’s and i landed a back flip and i went back up the ramp and done a side flip and i quit the game to play out side at the park and we played football and i scored a goal and it was like messi’s goal lased seson was so epic and  this week is gana be a good mach  and a epic goal by some one and no one will scora a goal by roney and messi 

The first day back

March 3, 2014

To kick off the start of the day I went to judo where I was brutally hurt when Amin had pushed my neck down so hard that it felt like it was “bleeding.” Then we had Literacy, it wasn’t as fun as usual, after that we had Assembly and  the topic was respect. After the Assembly we had break and I was playing a game called Infection and it was nice to be with my friends again after the holidays. Then we had Maths and in Maths we did addition and I thought it was easy however in SATS I got a little confused because they tried to see if you understood it properly. We had lunch and me and my friends played Cricket and when lunch ended we all went back into class and we had a Year 6 Team discussion about what we wanted to achieve by the end of the year. After the discussion it was time to go home so we all got our stuff and went home all in all it was an okay first day.

Back in business

March 3, 2014

Lately I have been blogging less but now I’m back and I will be blogging more on first bloggers, however I have been commenting on a different blog which I think has inspired me, because I mostly write stories on the blog but this blog is full of stories, as a result I have been commenting on this blog and reading there posts.

The Gem Of Life Plan

March 3, 2014

I have been planning a story called The Gem Of Life which is based ona character called Joe and he has to find his destany but suddenly finds himself stuck in a important decision.

The Gem Of Life

March 3, 2014

There was a wasn’t a sound as Joe kept sleeping on his bed which he dreamed on everyday , however this time it was different for Joe, because this time he heard sounds coming through his wall as if it wanted to tell him something.

Suddenly , Joes body started to move and go through the wall into a dimension , next he started to feel air glushing through his face , as he started to realize that he was about to fall 50m , however when he fell onto the ground he started to bounce like he was on a trampalean , therefore it took a while to balance properly on the ground.

Instantly, Joe started to smell a horrible aroma which came from the dark road ahead, then he saw a beam of light gleaming through the dark forest as he turned himself around he started to run through the the dark forest , because the light was catching up, after he bolted through the plains and saw the destrutive path that the light had made.Then Joe saw a strange man following him , right after that the stranger said to Joe “Find the Gem of Life to find your destiny.”



after that the man just vanished making a noise “POOF” as if he teleported.

Next, Joe saw the light zooming through the woods as he hid behind a strange dusty old shed which looked like a ruin , but then he saw a painting of … as the light crept closer every second

Royal Rumble

March 3, 2014

On 26th January 2014 it was Royal Rumble and Roman Range eliminated 12 people Kofi Kingston made a amazing 11 feet jump across the ring. During that week Elimination Chamber qualifying matches were going on. The qualifiers are Sheamus, John Cena, Randy Ortan, Danial Bryan, Christian and last but not least Antonyo sasraez. If one of these men wins the Elimination Chamber they will get the Heavy weigh champion belt.


March 3, 2014

I have been planning a story called Shadows of life and have already put it to review so please comment and read it on first bloggers , however I’m still doing part 2 so wait and keep reading.

My Brothers gone…

March 3, 2014

Today I had to wake up at 4 ‘o’ clock to drop my brothers to a bus which takes them to Paris, however when they went I felt a bit sad ,but even though I was sad it wasn’t a lot because they have left 4 times now into different countries leaving me behind.However the thing that hurts me the most is that “IT WAS SUNDAY!!!”

Shadows of Life

March 3, 2014

Shadows of Life

One dark misty night at the city of vestro a shadow was lurking in Metor’s room, as Metor slowly crept down the stars for a glass of milk.

The shadow opened a portal to the Orb of life he knew if the shadow knew if he did it would bring life but if it was broken there would be danger among humans and shadows, suddenly shadow’s brother appeared known as darkess.

Darkess said “If you break the Orb of life it will grant you immortal life”, therefore shadow destroyed the Orb, however suddenly he saw a storm coming ahead with a green light gleaming towards vestro, as darkess vanished into dust shadow saw a zombie and when he looked out through the window he saw hundreds of zombies just standing there.

Metor however, was the same compered to all the zombies he didn’t turn into a zombie, but was his mum and dad zombies…

To be continued…

My story starter on Cressida Cowells story starter

February 5, 2014

I was inspired by Cressida Cowells story starter. So I deceided to write my own story. Here is my story.

It was a warm night for November, too warm a night for witches. But I smelt them all about me, in the quietness of the forest smell of burning hair mixed with long dead mice and a little chilli kick of viper’s venom – once smelled, never forgotten.I began to run, for the stench was getting stronger, and long lean panther shapes were leaping from tree to tree above me.

Howling started up from the forest behind me. The sun was blood red now as it sank lower through the trees.
“What was that I asked to my self.” Staring into the
forest. The howling died and a deathly silence fell. I could feel gosse bumps prickilng down my back and I shiverd as a sudden breez blew up. I could her foot steps creeping behind me. As I looked back there was a mysterious person with a hood and along side him was a panther. I stared to run but they caught up to me and then they surounded me. I was traped and I did’nt know what to do.

I woke up and saw the mysterious man with the hood.
He asked my who are you and why did you come. I refused to answer but his panther growled and the man hit me. And he said “GIVE ME A ANSWER OR ELSE I WILL THROW YOU INTO THE PIT!”and then he through me into the pit, he laugh at me and said “I would love to see you die.”

I tryed to escaped but I coud’nt so I thinked outside the box. And I started to dig and I escaped. I ran for my life and I escaped. but I saw a gang of witches casting spells. could the legend be true on November the witches will take over.

How can this be true I thought the were dead when my dad went into battle with the others the witches were dead. So I whent to nan’s house house for awnsers. I asked nan how could this be true. she said ” Its all because of the witch queen .” “the only way to kill all of the witches is to take the cursed wand”.

to be continued..

In my next post wich will be this wee or next week.

My 400 words.

February 5, 2014

Today I just wrote my 400 word story. I am so proud of this because this story took me 2 weeks to write. But There is one thing I have’nt finished it. so If any of you guys have a idea for me please tell the way Part 2 is coming out this week or next week.

royal rumble

February 5, 2014

On sunday the 26th of Janurary in america it was the 2014 royal rumble there were 30 competitors againts each other. One person will win the royal rumble, to compete in the elimanation chamber. A wrestler called Roman Reigns elimenated 12 competitors it was his first time being in a royal rumble match. Batista won the royal rumble and went though into wrestle mania xxx.

The process of a dragon’s life cycle

February 5, 2014

Last week we were looking at explanation texts. Then we made our own, here’s mine-

Everyone knows that a Dragon starts it’s life as an lonely egg. Few people are aware of what leads to the varieties of Dragons. A dragon’s egg is very sensitive to it’s environment. Unlike other eggs Dragon eggs are will absorb anything that comes into contact with it. This leads to a variety of different types of Dragons.

Once they have hatched it let’s of an horrible aroma that can kill any living things around it. As a result of this, the Dragon has a large amount of space in the habitat around it.

The first year of a Dragon hatchling learns how to use it’s power for good use (it uses it’s power for food and for battle) .However if they use it for lazyness then it would get fatter and fatter untill it pops like an balloon.

To begin with,different types of Dragons take different amounts of years to be fully grown. However if the dragon it tamed before it’s fully grown then it would rapidly grow till it’s fully grown. Then it will abandon it’s egg ,to test it’s survival skills. However if the Dragon explores and nearly dies then it’s mother will eat it alive.

A Dragon sometimes can die because of old age but mostly from polution that goes into the sky. Once they are dead rocks arount the dragon form a crystal sphere and teleports the dargon inside it. Then the crystal sphere will go inside the sun for the dragon to be reborn.

Fantasy story and the challenge

February 5, 2014

For the last few days we have been doing fantasy stories and we have seen lots of clips of fantasy storyies and in all of the vidios none of the characters have talked.  So my challenge is that can you make a fantasy story without talking.

Fantasy Stories

February 4, 2014

We have been doing some work on Fantasy stories I think I’m going to plan it on the blog so I have an idea.The Portal Infecter might be my Title for the Fantasy story because I think I can do a lot if I do it in the blog , therefore my story is going to be on the blog later on so please comment.

My Text

January 24, 2014

We have been making a type of text called Explainesion text this my one.However my one is about capturing a Nexas so if you are Nexhunter, explorer or a king I suguest you read this because you should try and find it, so read these words carefully.

Capturing a Nexas : The process.

As many people are unaware there is a Nexas which is used for sovereigns to keep them from perishing, however if you want to apprehend it one must first make the map to find where the Nexas is held.

In order to make the map one must first have some paper, Elements from the Elemental Dragon must be forged with paper .The process of forging the Element and paper, produces the Elemental Map, that one needs in order to find the Nexas.

Once the map is created it will lead the holder of the map to a Nexas. As one approaches a Nexas the map will start to. The map will begin to disintegrate when one is standing directly over a Nexas. One should then carefully dig 25cm down and gently remove the Nexas from the ground. A piece of the shredded map must be placed on top of the Nexas to be captured.

After the Nexas has been captured it must be put into the light with water , then the Nexas will start to melt therefore creating a Nextatic puddle. Next the Nextatic water must be drunk, therefore making the person immortal.

In conclusion, it is important for anybody wishing to be king to drink the Nextatic water. This will allow the drinker to live forever therefore making a true king.


January 23, 2014

Hi! ¡Hola!
Good Morning! ¡Buenos Días!
Good Evening! ¡Buenas Tardes!
Welcome! (to greet someone) ¡Bienvenido!
How Are You? ¿Cómo Estás?
I’m Fine, Thanks! Estoy Bíen ¡Gracias!
And You? ¿Y Tú?
Good/ So-So. Bíen/ Más o menos
Thank You (Very Much)! ¡(Muchas) Gracias!
You’re Welcome! (answering “thank you”) ¡De Nada!
Hey! Friend! ¡Eh! ¡Amigo!
I Missed You So Much! ¡Te Extraño Mucho!
What’s New? ¿Qué Hay De Nuevo?
Nothing Much Nada
Good Night! ¡Buenas noches!
See You Later! ¡Hasta luego!
Good Bye! ¡Adiós!


Help & Directions:  
I’m Lost Estoy perdido
Can I Help You? ¿Podría Ayudarse?
Can You Help Me? ¿Puede Ayudarme?
Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)? ¿Dónde Está (el Baño/ la Farmacia)?
Go Straight! Then Turn Left/ Right! ¡Vaya Ud Derecho! Pues Tuerza Ud por la Izquierda/ Derecha!
I’m Looking For John. Estoy Buscando A Juan.
One Moment Please! ¡Un Momento, Por Favor!
Hold On Please! (phone) ¡No Cuelgue, Por Favor!
How Much Is This? ¿Cuánto Vale/ Cuesta Eso?
Excuse Me …! ( to ask for something) ¡Perdone! / ¡Oiga!
Excuse Me! ( to pass by) ¡Perdone! / Disculpe!
Come With Me! ¡Venga Conmigo!
Spanish Personal Info  
Do You Speak (English/ Spanish)? ¿Hablas (Inglés/ Español)?
Just a Little. Solo Un Poquito.
What’s Your Name? ¿Cómo te llamas?
My Name Is …. Me llamo …
Mr…/ Mrs.…/ Miss… Señor…/ Señora…/ Señorita…
Nice To Meet You! ¡Tanto Gusto! / Medio Gusto Conocerte!
You’re Very Kind! ¡Eres Muy Amable!
Where Are You From? ¿De Dónde Eres?
I’m From (the U.S/ Spain) Soy De (los Estados Unidos/ España..) / Soy (americano)
I’m (American) Soy (americano/ americana)
Where Do You Live? ¿Dónde Vives?
I live in (the U.S/ Spain) Vivo En (los Estados Unidos/ España)
Did You Like It Here? ¿Le gusta a usted aquí?
Spain Is a Wonderful Country España Es Un País Maravelloso
What Do You Do For A Living? ¿A Qué Te Dedicas?
I Work As A (Translator/ Businessman) Trabajo Como (Traductor/ Hombre de Negocios)
I Like Spanish Me Gusta El Español
I’ve Been Learning Spanish For 1 Month Tengo Un Mes Estudiando Español
Oh! That’s Good! ¡Oh, Qué Bíen!
How Old Are You? ¿Cuántos Años Tienes?
I’m (twenty, thirty…) Years Old. Tengo (veinte …treinta) Años.
I Have To Go Me Tengo Que Ir.
I Will Be Right Back! Regreso En Un Momentito.
Spanish Phrases about wishes:  
Good Luck! ¡Que Tenga Suerte!
Happy Birthday! ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!
Happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!
Merry Christmas! ¡Feliz Navidad!
Congratulations! ¡felicidades!
Enjoy! (For meals…) ¡Que Aproveche!
I’d Like To Visit Spain One Day Me Gustaría Visitar Algún Día Tu País
Say Hi To John For me. Dale Saludos A ( Juan …) De Mi Parte
Bless you (when sneezing) ¡Salud!
Good Night & Sweet Dreams! ¡Buenas Noches Y Dulces Sueños!


I’m Sorry! (if you don’t hear something) ¡Discuple!
Sorry (for a mistake) ¡Lo Siento!
No Problem! ¡No Problema!
Can You Say It Again? ¡Puede Repetirlo!
Can You Speak Slowly? ¡Puedes Hablar Más Despacio!
Write It Down Please! ¡Escríbalo, Por Favor!
I Don’t Understand! ¡No Entiendo!
I Don’t Know! ¡No (Lo) Sé!
I Have No Idea. ¡No Tengo Ni Idea!
What’s That Called In Spanish? ¿Cómo Se llama a Esto En Español?
What Does “gato” Mean In English? ¿Qué Quiere Decir “gato” En Inglés?
How Do You Say “Please” In Spanish? ¿Cómo Se Dice “please” En Español?
What Is This? ¿Qué Es Esto?
My Spanish Is Bad. Mi Español Es Malo
I need to practice my Spanish me falta práctica en Español
Don’t Worry! ¡No Te Preocupes!


Spanish Expressions & Words: 
Good/ Bad/ So-So. Bueno/ Malo/ Así Así
Big/ Small Grande/ Pequeño
Today/ Now Hoy/ Ahora
Tomorrow/ Yesterday Mañana/ Ayer
Yes/ No Sí/ No
Here You Go! (when giving something) ¡Aquí Tiene!
Do You Like It? ¿Te Gusta? ¿Te Encanta?
I Really Like It! ¡Me Gusta/ Encanta Mucho!
I’m Hungry/ Thirsty. Tengo Hambre/ Sed.
In The Morning/ Evening/ At Night. Por La Mañana/ Tarde/ Noche.
This/ That. Here/There Eso/Ese. Aquí/ Allí
Me/ You.  Him/ Her. Yo/ Tú. Él/ Ella
Really! ¡Verdad!
Look! ¡Mira!
Hurry Up! ¡Date Prisa!
What? Where? ¿Qué? ¿Dónde?
What Time Is It? ¿Qué Hora Es?
It’s 10 o’clock. 07:30pm. Es Las Diez En Punto, Las Siete Y Media.
Give Me This! ¡Dame Eso!
I Love You! ¡Te Quiero!
I Feel Sick. Estoy Mareado
I Need A Doctor ¡Necessito Un Médico!
One, Two, Three Uno, Dos, Tres
Four, Five, Six Cuatro, Cinco, Seis
Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten Siete, Ocho, Nueve, Diez


And those are the bacics.

My explanation text.

January 23, 2014

Here is my explanation text that I wrote in literacy. We planned it and then wrote it in our books.

Nose blowing: the process   

The average human nose holds 2.5g of snotaralious copious. An effect of not blowing your nose can be sneezing, which can be humiliating and remarkably disgusting.

In order to stop snotaralious copious exploding one must blow the nose. First one must grab a tissue to prevent the nose from exploding. Once one has a tissue, place it over the nostrils and blow from the nostrils. Next one should dispose of the tissue in the bin.

If one doesn’t empty the nose the face will scrunch up minutely looking grotesque and it will cause a loss of friends.

In conclusion: blowing your nose is important because it could lead to snotaralious and fingerallious rotus and embarrassing moments.

Reporting all Mangahigh people!

January 22, 2014

I have just been on Mangahigh and only 1 person has sighned up for the Fai-to- challenge against Canada and 2 people have challenged the High school people and it says that we only have 10 hours and 20 mins to sighn up so get up turn on your computure and vote so that we can take there trothey. Well clocks ticking in 3,2,1 go.

Top Gear quiz top 3 questions

January 19, 2014

(1) What did Jeremy Clarcson say to do if the Stig ran over an apple on a corner of a race track.

A) To eat the apple afterwards it was ran over.

B) To go to Mexico where they are hated.

C) Or to pay the Stig 30 pounds.

2) What did Jeremy Clarcson and James May do to Richard Hammonds Lexus SC Convertible.

A) They took out his engine.

B) They took his seats out.

C) Or pushed his seats all the way back,put lemons and apples in his tyres and ruined his engine.

                                                                                         THE COOL WALL


Is this car

A) Uncool

B) Sub Zero

C) Cool

D) Seriously Uncool

I shall reveal my answerers on my next post.

My poem

January 17, 2014

I am writing a poem because of Brain Moses he inspired me to write a poem of my on.

I am Tec 9

I know were Davei Jones loker is.

I know why they call it Davei Jones loker.

I know what happens there.

I know who’s there.

I know how to get there.

I know when Davei Jones will come to get his revenge.

I have been in the loker in  the deep dark abyes.

I have been Davei Jhone collosul battle ship.

I have defeted the one and only craken.

I have been places that you have never been.

I have been so high in the sky and so deep in the sea.

I am Tec 9.



My Poem

January 17, 2014


Year 6 made poems because Brian Mosses told us to make a poem this is mine.

I am Tastico

I know where hevan lies

I know when Brian Mosses flipped his first pages

I know how the stars assemble

I know what will happen to Earth

I have been a lolly-pop digested into trateres guts.

I have been a dead body in the heat of a bloody battle

I have been a life span of poeple which have roamed the lost temples

I have been Maths itself

I have been a skeliton

I have been flesh


My poem

January 17, 2014

I know when it’s the ulitimate fight.

I know where the lost city is.

I know what bad thing is going to happen.

I know how the wars started.

I know who is is behinde it all.

I know why he came.

I know where he is.

I have seen creatures like fire.

I have been given many dangerouse task to complete.

I have seen creatures of the dead.

I had been chosen to fight.

I have been to the underworld.

I have been places where no man would dare to go.

I have been to Davie Johnes locker!

I have been fire.

I have been ice.

I have been dead.

I have been alive.



January 16, 2014

It was a magnificiant day in mars, when I started to hear rumours about some guy that can morph into anything and steal stuff.I thought it was just made up… until I saw him!

Firstly, he started to take money from me then my sister!And the next thing I knew, HE STOLE MY HOUSE!

Now I went of into the woods to find some wood to make a cottage for myself. I stopped and saw a old man.

I asked him,

”What is your name”

Then the man said crazily,



We make pizzas!

January 15, 2014

Today we went to Pizza Express and learned lots of things about pizza. I forgot to take a notebook to write it all down, but it doesn’t matter because I can remember everything.

Pizzas were invented 4000 years ago by an Italian shepherd boy who left his lunch under a tree in the morning and when he came back at lunchtime and sat under the tree, an apple fell on his head and he invented the pizza.

Pizza Express was started in 1968 by a man in London who wanted to buy a pizza but couldn’t find one anywhere. So he had to fly to Italy, buy an oven, bring it back to London, set up a shop and start selling pizzas just so he could buy one. If he was that hungry he should have just got himself some fish and chips and saved himself a lot of trouble.

The man at Pizza Express, called Stuart, said he eats 500 pizzas every Saturday – at least I think that’s what he said. That’s 50 an hour, which is almost one pizza a minute. You’d think he’d be a big fat man but he wasn’t. He must go to the gym a lot.

Stuart likes talking to school children about pizzas because his wife wants to talk about clothes and shopping and is fed up of hearing about where mozzarella cheese comes from and how much it costs to make each pizza.

Some people like anchovies on their pizza, which is a dead fish which has been squashed under a lot of other dead fish and salt. Why anyone would want a salty dead fish on their pizza is a mystery.

half term

January 14, 2014

In the half term my cuson came to have a sleep over at my house and we went to swimming we were plaing the last person who stays under the water is the winner  and the winner was me.Then after 30 min we had to go out of the swimming pool.After we had a shawer and then we went to KFC to eat food wen we were full up we had to go to the ipad  shop near town we had lots of fun at the ipad  shop but then we went to home becouse it was lealy school.

The Hospital

December 29, 2013

I have just arrived back from the Hospital. I don’t like going to the Hospital because it is really quite plus it’s Christmas time so lots of Christmas carolers come and they amnnoy me so much. When I came out of the Hospital there was a huge croud around the christmas tree and there was a donkey and sheep . I think they were re-an-acting the play of Jesus being born. Plus the worst probolem that I have is that I am ill and man I hate being ill because you don’t get to go outside.


December 23, 2013

I was walking to school until I saw something very unusual in the sky crashing down to miles ahead of me. So I went to check it out. By the time I went to check it out the first thing I saw was a grey figure. I came up to it and tried to communicate but before I could say something it said to me,

”This is my homeland why are you here?”

I said nervously,

”I live here, this is MY planet called earth you can’t just claim this planet as your own! you have to prove that this is your planet not ours!”

Now I didn’t know what to do so I ran as fast as my legs could carry me but I was only a few meters away to the school gate till everything went black…

My broken arm !

December 15, 2013

Breaking news on play street …

I had broken my arm on play street. It all started with Football and then there  was a bike which is what caused me to trip over it and land over my arm I went to hospital straight away. I had to get an ex ray to check if my arm was broken. Unfortunately  my arm is broken but I am coming to school on Monday I will not come to break but I will do work.

Now I might not come to Sweden. Some one has set me up because on Friday I was meant to go swmming,Christmas dinner, non school uniform also were a Chrstmas jumper. So so sad. And now my parents have to open my Christmas presents.

Oh yeah my dad is angry at me for paying for Christmas


December 7, 2013

Today I looked up a symbol called Indalo. Legend has it that the Indalo was a ghost and that it could touch a rainbow. The Indalo protects people from evil and it had adapted in Almeria Spain. The Indalo symbol is also a good luck charm, some people also believe that the story behind the Indalo was about a man that escapes in a cave to get away from the rain and when the rain stops a rainbow appears and that image was left there .

This is what the Indalo symbol looks like.



December 7, 2013

On Tuseday  some people went to Madjaski dome to play a  footy match. Me, Rakim,Damian,Charlie,Alex,Kiyarash,Anas,Aminchi and Samir went to a  football match to paly a game of  football. We came 2nd and Battle came first. After our match we had lunch. Then we had a tour around Madjaski Stadium. We met Kingsley (the Reading mascot.) We  then had our picture taken with kingsley. Afterwards we went back to school.



The Light

December 7, 2013

Instantly , I saw a great light pointing towards my body as I got sucked into the light in fear of my death , after that I saw nothing but destruction in the path that I chose.However at the end of my crumbled path of terror I knew it was going to end , so I stopped for a few second and in those few second I tried my best to stay alive without fainting , but suddenly I dropped through the void into the mist.

“Where am I?”

To be continued…

I’m Back

December 5, 2013

I’m back from Mangahigh and because of that I will be able to blog more , so beware for more blogs from me , however as I will be blogging I’m sure I can put 2 blogs per day.If I don’t please post a comment because I really need a rule.

It starts in 3 , 2 , 1 and 0.

The Next Dimension

December 4, 2013

It was a usual morning,getting out of bed,brushing my teeth,getting changed,eating breakfast and finaly going to school.Hi my name is Dave,Dave the Rabbit.Heres my story of a dimension I went in,here I go.

I rushed through the gigantic silver gate,when I actually went into a   different dimension.In that dimension was…was…well actually it was the same as ours but like much more future. There was Hover crafts,Robot Butlers,Teleportation sytems…


The 100 word challenge

November 30, 2013

It was a good day at summer camp when it mysteriously started to fog. I didn’t know what was happening until people started crying,

“Grim Reaper’s coming!”

Then I took cover I didn’t forgot he was Coming For Me Until He Said to me,

“Come son we need to go to the underworld before it’s too late because the gates open for a limited time!”

Then there a mysterious clash of thunder I started to remember who he was and what he was,he’s my father!

He let out his arms and I dashed towards him and gave him a big hug…

The End

I just bought and fitted one of these.

November 29, 2013


Stair gate


I have just bought one of these for the top of the stairs in my house.

You may have had one in your house before.

Why do you think I need it?

The School Royal Oak and My Story The Light

November 29, 2013

Today I was doing Mangahigh , however when I went on the first thing that came up was do you want to vote I did Royal Oak as everyone else did , but I think they should have a chance because they are not even on so to be  honest I  think the should have a chance.

My story the light will be the only story coming because when I use to make two stories at once it felt a bit hard so I will only be putting the light.

The Light

November 29, 2013

In the distance I saw a destructive light grabbing crumbled peaces of  buildings and pulling them into the light , bolting as quick I as I could smelling the red blood  stenching through the hollow forest , I knew the speed of the light was too fast for me as I kept running through the forest in fear of it taking me into the darkness of the light , suddenly I saw a zombie , however I knew if it touched me I would have turned into a light slave , so I tried my best to leap through logs and avoid falling on the ground as I ran across the forest.It was tracking me down with it’s anti light work system.

Suddenly I knew I got away from it but when I turned around I knew that was the worst mistake…

To be continued…

The hexagon

November 28, 2013

On Monday we went to the  hexagon and went  behind the  stage  into the dressing rooms. They were  small with loads of  lights and  sofas which  famous  people  had sat on. We saw  the stage  which  was big and moved up and down. The spotlights  were  bright  and  can change  colour.


Tour to the Hexagon

November 28, 2013

A few days ago the First Bloggers went to Hexagon , however we had an exclusive chance to have a tour of the back stage , in addition we learned a few things about it , if you want to know more read on:

Firstly we went to the stage where they put the act , even though we saw that , the first thing I saw was a brightly powered beam of light pushing through the ceiling , however right after that I saw a person coming onto the stage , she was called the stage manager , even though she was the stage manager I started to realize that she was doing training with the the person that puts the beam of light , although he does have to on and off the light the person who does it has a huge role to play because if he doesn’t know where the person who comes and starts acting  he is going to have a hard time to keep up , so I think that he has some training to remember where the person moves.

After that upstairs and found out that there are 1686 chairs , however after we found out some facts the First Bloggers went out to go back to ORCS , but to be honest I felt a bit sleepy.

Great advice on blogging

November 28, 2013

Deputy Mitchell – who is an expert blogging teacher sent this message to Year 3 but it applies to all bloggers at ORCS.
DeputyMitchell said,


Hello Year 3,

It’s great to see you starting to blog. Remember that the WHOLE world can see your blog so it’s important to do your very best EVERY time you write on it. Make sure that every single word deserves to be in your blog post and read it back to yourself before you click that ‘Submit for review’ button!

Good luck and happy blogging!


Visit to Hexagon

November 28, 2013

On Monday we visted the hexagon . At the  hexagon we were tour around auditorium . And the lady Fi showed us the  dressing room, in the dressing room we were showed were the stars got changed and we sat in some of the seats. In the auditorium 1686 people were allowed to sit in the seats. And that was our trip to the hexagon.

First bloggers tour around the Hexagon

November 28, 2013

On Monday, the first bloggers , went to the Hexagon they showed us lots of interesting things back stage. The first thing, they showed us was the stage rising at first I  thought the stage was going to come down from the roof gentely but I was wrong. The next place they took us was the auditouriam there were they told us that in a pantamine they only use 1686 seats and in a concert they only use 900 seats. Also the lady who took us around the Hexagon was Fi our tour guide. The last place we went to was the dressing  rooms they also told us that last year Justin was in that dressing room and the sofa  I nearly fell asleep in  it Bilal was saying “this is so comfortable I don’t want to leave” . And that was our tour.

The Trip To London

November 28, 2013

On sunday morning I got out of bed and got changed for London.Me,my sisters and my brother,Ishmeal,went to the underground train station,it was so fast.By the time I got to London I looked up and saw lovely patterns.Firstly we went to the Natural History Museum,inside was so cool.At the entrance was a skeleton of a Dipladocus,it was massive.

Next we went to M&M’S store ,inside smelled like chocolate and it had :

* five floors

* statues of the M&M guys

* make your own pick’n’mix M&M sweets

It was nearly 5:oopm and we hadn’t went to China Town.

Finally,China Town.Firstly we went to the China history express.It was so wicked, that I didn’t know that they believed in gods .And China has so much infomation that even I couldn’t remeber it all!

first bloggers tour at the hexagon

November 26, 2013

Yesterday after meditation Mr Lyford told us to put our coats on. I said to him where are we going he said wait and see so we did.We where going to the hexagon. When we got there we had to wait inside so Mr Lyford could ask the lady to show us around.Next we went to the toilet an we were looking at the pictures of the celebrity’s that had been there. Then she made the stage go up and we were standing on it. After she took us to the dressing room and we saw Justin Fletchers picture and there was a confee sofa there was four window and when I looked at the last on it looked different . Then she took us to the top  and she said there was 1686 chairs  we sat  on the chairs and when I looked down it was scary because it was so far down. after we had to go back because it was lunch time.

And that was the tour of the hexagon.


November 25, 2013

The lady that showed the FirstBLOGGERS round The Hexagon today said that it could seat 1,686 people – at 8.28pm our current visitor counter is showing 1,686


Numbers are always doing that! Do you get any freaky number co-incidences?

FirstBloggers @ The Hexagon

November 25, 2013

2013-11-25 11.16.36 2013-11-25 11.29.39

This morning 10 of the FirstBLOGGERS were taken on a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the Hexagon in Reading.

The Hexagon is Reading’s biggest entertainment venue and stages performances all year round – from classical and pop concerts, theatre, to collectors fairs, to school performances, comedy tours and of course pantomime!

They will be posting their reports in the next 24 hours.

Be sure to check back, read, comment and question them.