cricket final

April 21, 2014

Sadly Pakistan are out .Sri lanka vs India to win the icc world cup. india make 162 20 overs, Sri lanka need a big score to get.Then sri lanka make 175 and win the icc cup and dance to gangnam style.


April 21, 2014

Today it was real Madrid vs mr Lyford’s team Almeria and guess what Almertia lost 4-0 . Althletico Madrid,Real Madrid and Barcelona are chasing for the Spanish title. Its going to be a big match Barcelona vs real Madrid 4-3 aggregate

It! part 2

April 21, 2014

As I woke up my head started to hurt.Then, I found out that was lying down on a hard, silver surface. There standing in the dark side of the room was the the thing that I strangely encountered last month and the grey figure that I met before everything blacked out.

I struggled to get up, but I couldn’t. As if there was something holding me down. As I looked down to see what was holding me… it turned out, it was nothing!

I shouted,

“Why are you doing this to me! Please get me out of here, i’m scared please, i’m begging you!”

“This is for your own good. Please listen to us, we’re telling the truth because we’re your parents!


402 words

March 7, 2014

today me and my cousin is coming to knok for me and we are going to go to the skate park and we will go to town and i whent to my mums house and we got stuff to eat and play football and we are going to go to my cousins house and we are play gta 5 and go out to the skate park and we played a scooter game and after we whent to my brothers house and i played with other people and it was so fun and we hade a drink called rio so we  whent to the zoo  to see the rino

and it was so fun and it was the happy ist day of my life and i love my bloging it got me into my writing and myhand riting is geting better and better every day i go on the blog and thats what got me into my happy mode and it is so fun and my dad took my scooter and i never got it back  and i am geting my scooter back to day and i am going to get my cousins today and we are going  to the skate park and i am going to his house and it is so fun and cane not fuget about that day that was the fun ist day ever and year6 love bloging and it makes you want to writte more and more  and it makes your handwriting better every day and you would like the bloging  we all love the blog on the holiday i was sleeping at my cozens house and we was eating ice creemall night and we stayed up all night and we were playing a game called sansroth the thired and it is so hard to play a missons and i had to you’s the chet code to get a motor bike to unloke the scramberler  so i can go up ramp’s and i landed a back flip and i went back up the ramp and done a side flip and i quit the game to play out side at the park and we played football and i scored a goal and it was like messi’s goal lased seson was so epic and  this week is gana be a good mach  and a epic goal by some one and no one will scora a goal by roney and messi 

The first day back

March 3, 2014

To kick off the start of the day I went to judo where I was brutally hurt when Amin had pushed my neck down so hard that it felt like it was “bleeding.” Then we had Literacy, it wasn’t as fun as usual, after that we had Assembly and  the topic was respect. After the Assembly we had break and I was playing a game called Infection and it was nice to be with my friends again after the holidays. Then we had Maths and in Maths we did addition and I thought it was easy however in SATS I got a little confused because they tried to see if you understood it properly. We had lunch and me and my friends played Cricket and when lunch ended we all went back into class and we had a Year 6 Team discussion about what we wanted to achieve by the end of the year. After the discussion it was time to go home so we all got our stuff and went home all in all it was an okay first day.

Back in business

March 3, 2014

Lately I have been blogging less but now I’m back and I will be blogging more on first bloggers, however I have been commenting on a different blog which I think has inspired me, because I mostly write stories on the blog but this blog is full of stories, as a result I have been commenting on this blog and reading there posts.

The Gem Of Life Plan

March 3, 2014

I have been planning a story called The Gem Of Life which is based ona character called Joe and he has to find his destany but suddenly finds himself stuck in a important decision.

The Gem Of Life

March 3, 2014

There was a wasn’t a sound as Joe kept sleeping on his bed which he dreamed on everyday , however this time it was different for Joe, because this time he heard sounds coming through his wall as if it wanted to tell him something.

Suddenly , Joes body started to move and go through the wall into a dimension , next he started to feel air glushing through his face , as he started to realize that he was about to fall 50m , however when he fell onto the ground he started to bounce like he was on a trampalean , therefore it took a while to balance properly on the ground.

Instantly, Joe started to smell a horrible aroma which came from the dark road ahead, then he saw a beam of light gleaming through the dark forest as he turned himself around he started to run through the the dark forest , because the light was catching up, after he bolted through the plains and saw the destrutive path that the light had made.Then Joe saw a strange man following him , right after that the stranger said to Joe ”Find the Gem of Life to find your destiny.”



after that the man just vanished making a noise “POOF” as if he teleported.

Next, Joe saw the light zooming through the woods as he hid behind a strange dusty old shed which looked like a ruin , but then he saw a painting of … as the light crept closer every second

Royal Rumble

March 3, 2014

On 26th January 2014 it was Royal Rumble and Roman Range eliminated 12 people Kofi Kingston made a amazing 11 feet jump across the ring. During that week Elimination Chamber qualifying matches were going on. The qualifiers are Sheamus, John Cena, Randy Ortan, Danial Bryan, Christian and last but not least Antonyo sasraez. If one of these men wins the Elimination Chamber they will get the Heavy weigh champion belt.


March 3, 2014

I have been planning a story called Shadows of life and have already put it to review so please comment and read it on first bloggers , however I’m still doing part 2 so wait and keep reading.