402 words

today me and my cousin is coming to knok for me and we are going to go to the skate park and we will go to town and i whent to my mums house and we got stuff to eat and play football and we are going to go to my cousins house and we are play gta 5 and go out to the skate park and we played a scooter game and after we whent to my brothers house and i played with other people and it was so fun and we hade a drink called rio so we  whent to the zoo  to see the rino

and it was so fun and it was the happy ist day of my life and i love my bloging it got me into my writing and myhand riting is geting better and better every day i go on the blog and thats what got me into my happy mode and it is so fun and my dad took my scooter and i never got it back  and i am geting my scooter back to day and i am going to get my cousins today and we are going  to the skate park and i am going to his house and it is so fun and cane not fuget about that day that was the fun ist day ever and year6 love bloging and it makes you want to writte more and more  and it makes your handwriting better every day and you would like the bloging  we all love the blog on the holiday i was sleeping at my cozens house and we was eating ice creemall night and we stayed up all night and we were playing a game called sansroth the thired and it is so hard to play a missons and i had to you’s the chet code to get a motor bike to unloke the scramberler  so i can go up ramp’s and i landed a back flip and i went back up the ramp and done a side flip and i quit the game to play out side at the park and we played football and i scored a goal and it was like messi’s goal lased seson was so epic and  this week is gana be a good mach  and a epic goal by some one and no one will scora a goal by roney and messi 

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  1.   Mrs Hurst Says:

    Wow Tafari, sounds like you have had a great weekend. I’m really glad you enjoy the blogging. I agree it makes a real difference to your writing and confidence. We need to see you on it more! As for getting out and about on your scooter and to the park…..this is the weather to be doing it in. Make sure you don’t stay up all night tonight!!

  2.   Tafari Says:

    it is so fantastick i like your writting tafari

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