About Part 2 of The World In The Tip Of Pain!Minecraft!

Could you please comment on The World In The Tip Of Pain , because I’m not sure when to put part two of it , but even though if you don’t comment I think I might go ahead and put it tomorrow , but I might be making a new story based on Minecraft and there is going to be a lot of story’s based on Minecraft because I the people who don’t know about Minecraft might just learn some stuff about it.

But in the comments you could tell me to add some more or tell me when The World In The Tip Of Pain might come out.

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  1.   Mr Lyford Says:

    Sadik – great post to keep your audience interested and well done for inserting an image into the post.
    Be careful with plurals of words that end in a consonant then y – like story – they change to -ies …. remember now? story – stories, lorry – lorries.

  2.   Sadik Says:

    Ok.But just to make sure here is an eg:
    money-money but overall I couldn’t think of another word for ies.

  3.   Mr Lyford Says:

    Money is a weird one – money is already plural so it stays the same although there is a plural monies!
    See if you can think of any others – 20 by Monday?
    Here are two to get you started
    baby – babies
    worry – worries

  4.   anne Says:

    bit of help,
    all sounds very interesting,Sadik

  5.   Sadik Says:

    They do , but I’m not that good at it , but are you good it Anne.

  6.   Tanseeha Says:

    But some times you have to be careful sadik because there are words like monkey that change it to monkeys

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