Dinosaur Zoo

A few days ago I went to the Dinosaur Zoo as it is placed on the hexagon while it is hosted by Lidsey , but as it says on the heading it is about dinosaurs , even though it is about dinosaurs the people who have made it are really good at moving puppets around.

But all the dinosaurs were about Australian dinosaurs because Lindsey is from Australia , but I’m not sure about that , even though she is from Australia , I didn’t know much about Australian dinosaurs because I wasn’t born there , but if you want to know about some Australian dinosaurs just find out by going there yourself
because it is really fun I think it is good for small children to learn more dinosaurs.

But just for more info I will be telling you about the best dinosaur I saw , as it is a carnivor , but its name is Orthaox.Orthax is a dinosaur that was found in 2004 , but on the show it looked real , even though it was really new I’m not sure if dinosaurs are real or not because of the show , but if you get a ticket I recomend you go there.

Here is a picture

(But the date I went there was at 30/10/13.)

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