half term

In the half term my cuson came to have a sleep over at my house and we went to swimming we were plaing the last person who stays under the water is the winner  and the winner was me.Then after 30 min we had to go out of the swimming pool.After we had a shawer and then we went to KFC to eat food wen we were full up we had to go to the ipad  shop near town we had lots of fun at the ipad  shop but then we went to home becouse it was lealy school.

2 Responses to “half term”

  1.   Mrs Hurst Says:

    How long did you manage to stay under the water for Altaf?

  2.   Ibraheem Says:

    Mrs Hurst I remember the last time I last held m breath for.It was 10-13 seconds.

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