Lock Breaker

Cristal couldn’t sleep as the thunder clashed , but that was not the thing that was bothering her the most , while she was thinking about how to survive if something bad was about happened , even though she knew there weren’t anybody that would try and kill her.

She started to sleep once the lightning stopped , but when it was the morning dad came , even though Cristal just says “Yeah yeah yeah yeah…”because mostly her dad just talks about football because he was a footballer  , but Cristal is not into football even though dad knows that Cristal doesn’t like football much.

After 120 min there was a knock on the door, but as usual Cristal would just just go up to her room and listen to some music so she would not hear the doorbell , but normally when she does that Inspectalot her little brother goes downstairs to get the door , but this time it was different when he opened the door because normally it was there mum , but when he opened it he saw a two people with guns.

Cristal immediately heard a gun shot , but when she got there Inspectalot was gone with a petrifying scream , but when she looked around Cristal saw a great big hole on the window , however the hole was about  Inspectalot’s size , even though they found it they had to find him , but when they looked out of the window there were some policemen with batters about to get bust the door open…

To be continued…

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