My broken arm !

Breaking news on play street …

I had broken my arm on play street. It all started with Football and then there  was a bike which is what caused me to trip over it and land over my arm I went to hospital straight away. I had to get an ex ray to check if my arm was broken. Unfortunately  my arm is broken but I am coming to school on Monday I will not come to break but I will do work.

Now I might not come to Sweden. Some one has set me up because on Friday I was meant to go swmming,Christmas dinner, non school uniform also were a Chrstmas jumper. So so sad. And now my parents have to open my Christmas presents.

Oh yeah my dad is angry at me for paying for Christmas

5 Responses to “My broken arm !”

  1.   callum Says:

    Rakim, So sorry you broke your arm at Play Streets, and are missing out. I hope you feel better really soon.

  2.   Martyna Says:

    Rakim why are you going to Sweeden for most of us dont know.Oh all of us hopw you will get better soon.

  3.   Martyna Says:

    I think you might just going for holiday right

  4.   Chris Says:

    Get well soon I hope.

  5.   Billy 6h Says:

    Well I have seen a lot of things in your keep that up

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