My explanation text.

Here is my explanation text that I wrote in literacy. We planned it and then wrote it in our books.

Nose blowing: the process   

The average human nose holds 2.5g of snotaralious copious. An effect of not blowing your nose can be sneezing, which can be humiliating and remarkably disgusting.

In order to stop snotaralious copious exploding one must blow the nose. First one must grab a tissue to prevent the nose from exploding. Once one has a tissue, place it over the nostrils and blow from the nostrils. Next one should dispose of the tissue in the bin.

If one doesn’t empty the nose the face will scrunch up minutely looking grotesque and it will cause a loss of friends.

In conclusion: blowing your nose is important because it could lead to snotaralious and fingerallious rotus and embarrassing moments.

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  1.   Mrs Hurst Says:

    Moinadeen, this has made my morning! Great writing and very funny. As a reader I enjoyed that explanation text!!

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