My poem

I know when it’s the ulitimate fight.

I know where the lost city is.

I know what bad thing is going to happen.

I know how the wars started.

I know who is is behinde it all.

I know why he came.

I know where he is.

I have seen creatures like fire.

I have been given many dangerouse task to complete.

I have seen creatures of the dead.

I had been chosen to fight.

I have been to the underworld.

I have been places where no man would dare to go.

I have been to Davie Johnes locker!

I have been fire.

I have been ice.

I have been dead.

I have been alive.


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  1.   Mrs Hurst Says:

    Tayyeb, another great contribution. I like the way you have varied your sentence length. The last four lines are short and make real impact. Well done.

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