My Quest Has Begun.

Today I have been doing Mangahigh for about 2345 or 6 hours , but when I check I was first , even though I said I’m going to do more blogging after all that , but while I was doing Mangahigh I started to remember that Amin told me about  Sunday Times , but if you don’t know what it is here are some information about Sunday Times-Sunday Times is maths game which you play on Mangahigh , but on this game you can play multiplayer , but the first time I clicked multiplayer it started to scan some continents , but after a while two players names came up and I started to play with them.

But then I started to think what my brother told me “You are not the only person who can do this” , but when I thought about that properly it made since , so that means there are some things I can’t do.

But have you ever thought about that?

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