My story starter on Cressida Cowells story starter

I was inspired by Cressida Cowells story starter. So I deceided to write my own story. Here is my story.

It was a warm night for November, too warm a night for witches. But I smelt them all about me, in the quietness of the forest smell of burning hair mixed with long dead mice and a little chilli kick of viper’s venom – once smelled, never forgotten.I began to run, for the stench was getting stronger, and long lean panther shapes were leaping from tree to tree above me.

Howling started up from the forest behind me. The sun was blood red now as it sank lower through the trees.
“What was that I asked to my self.” Staring into the
forest. The howling died and a deathly silence fell. I could feel gosse bumps prickilng down my back and I shiverd as a sudden breez blew up. I could her foot steps creeping behind me. As I looked back there was a mysterious person with a hood and along side him was a panther. I stared to run but they caught up to me and then they surounded me. I was traped and I did’nt know what to do.

I woke up and saw the mysterious man with the hood.
He asked my who are you and why did you come. I refused to answer but his panther growled and the man hit me. And he said “GIVE ME A ANSWER OR ELSE I WILL THROW YOU INTO THE PIT!”and then he through me into the pit, he laugh at me and said “I would love to see you die.”

I tryed to escaped but I coud’nt so I thinked outside the box. And I started to dig and I escaped. I ran for my life and I escaped. but I saw a gang of witches casting spells. could the legend be true on November the witches will take over.

How can this be true I thought the were dead when my dad went into battle with the others the witches were dead. So I whent to nan’s house house for awnsers. I asked nan how could this be true. she said ” Its all because of the witch queen .” “the only way to kill all of the witches is to take the cursed wand”.

to be continued..

In my next post wich will be this wee or next week.

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  1.   Altaf Says:

    i like you story is good

  2.   Tafari Says:

    it is so good i hope you right more

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