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We have been making a type of text called Explainesion text this my one.However my one is about capturing a Nexas so if you are Nexhunter, explorer or a king I suguest you read this because you should try and find it, so read these words carefully.

Capturing a Nexas : The process.

As many people are unaware there is a Nexas which is used for sovereigns to keep them from perishing, however if you want to apprehend it one must first make the map to find where the Nexas is held.

In order to make the map one must first have some paper, Elements from the Elemental Dragon must be forged with paper .The process of forging the Element and paper, produces the Elemental Map, that one needs in order to find the Nexas.

Once the map is created it will lead the holder of the map to a Nexas. As one approaches a Nexas the map will start to. The map will begin to disintegrate when one is standing directly over a Nexas. One should then carefully dig 25cm down and gently remove the Nexas from the ground. A piece of the shredded map must be placed on top of the Nexas to be captured.

After the Nexas has been captured it must be put into the light with water , then the Nexas will start to melt therefore creating a Nextatic puddle. Next the Nextatic water must be drunk, therefore making the person immortal.

In conclusion, it is important for anybody wishing to be king to drink the Nextatic water. This will allow the drinker to live forever therefore making a true king.

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  1.   Mrs Hurst Says:

    Interesting reading Sadik. Can you tell me how you merge the paper with the Elemental Dragon?

  2.   Sadik Says:

    You can merge the Element with the paper by putting the paper gently on the ground and throw sphere of Element onto the paper, (Mrs Hurst the paper is merged with the Element not the Elemental dragon.)

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