Parents Evening , I NEED TO KNOW MY LEVEL!

Today it was my turn to go inside at parents evening , but I really wanted to know my level so I just asked Mrs Duley that I wanted to know my level , but when I said that , Mrs Duley said NO , but when I realized that I should blog about how evil Mrs Duley is.


2 Responses to “Parents Evening , I NEED TO KNOW MY LEVEL!”

  1.   Sadik Says:

    But I didn’t mean it really I just wanted to have some fun because you didn’t give me a level and you gave Haseef.

  2.   sharaf Says:

    Ciao sadik sei davvero bravo nel blogging, ma vi consiglio di non blog parla di come il male il tuo insegnante è perché penso che il tuo insegnante non come te. (Sto solo dicendo) English translation Hello sadik you are really good in blogging, but i would advise you not blog about on how evil your teacher is because i think your teacher will not like you. (I’m just saying)

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