About our Blog

First Bloggers is exactly what it says it is – Oxford Road Community School’s first group of bloggers. Boldly going where no ORCS pupil has gone before … blogging.

A group of 12 brave young men are embarking on a journey on which they hope to find that writing is a whole lot more fun when anyone with a pc, laptop, phone, ipad or any other device can read it, comment on it and help you improve their writing. They will also discover that writing can be great fun when you have an audience ….

Let me introduce you to our bloggers – you will learn more about them through reading their posts so come back soon and often to see what they have to say ….

Altaf – full of great ideas and enthusiasm, very excited about being a First Blogger – now we are going to get all those ideas and stories online!

Bilal – already a prolific user of social media Bilal will hopefully improve his writing though his posts and your comments.

Moinadeen – has already declared on one of his first posts that his new hobby is blogging!

Tafari – looking forward to reading what Tafari has to write about the things he likes to do.

Ibraheem – couldn’t stop smiling when he found out he was a First Blogger – but he smiles all the time anyway.

Tayyeb – a little nervous about First Bloggers but already getting online and writing about his journey.

Hubert – quiet in class but we know that he is going to unleash his imagination through his blog.

Sadiq – only 2 days in and he is already promising his audience special treats every few posts, Sadik is going to love blogging!

Kamil – loves football, football and football, will post about football and maybe a few other things if we are lucky.

Jayden – finds writing tough but this journey will help him improve his writing and enjoy it more.

Rakim – another football fan who will no doubt read football posts and comment on them, Rakim was also delighted to chosen as a First Blogger!