Shadows of Life

Shadows of Life

One dark misty night at the city of vestro a shadow was lurking in Metor’s room, as Metor slowly crept down the stars for a glass of milk.

The shadow opened a portal to the Orb of life he knew if the shadow knew if he did it would bring life but if it was broken there would be danger among humans and shadows, suddenly shadow’s brother appeared known as darkess.

Darkess said “If you break the Orb of life it will grant you immortal life”, therefore shadow destroyed the Orb, however suddenly he saw a storm coming ahead with a green light gleaming towards vestro, as darkess vanished into dust shadow saw a zombie and when he looked out through the window he saw hundreds of zombies just standing there.

Metor however, was the same compered to all the zombies he didn’t turn into a zombie, but was his mum and dad zombies…

To be continued…

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