royal rumble

February 5, 2014

On sunday the 26th of Janurary in america it was the 2014 royal rumble there were 30 competitors againts each other. One person will win the royal rumble, to compete in the elimanation chamber. A wrestler called Roman Reigns elimenated 12 competitors it was his first time being in a royal rumble match. Batista won the royal rumble and went though into […]

first bloggers tour at the hexagon

November 26, 2013

Yesterday after meditation Mr Lyford told us to put our coats on. I said to him where are we going he said wait and see so we did.We where going to the hexagon. When we got there we had to wait inside so Mr Lyford could ask the lady to show us around.Next we went […]

The Demon

November 21, 2013

The boy stared into the beaming light of darkness. A bunch of  creatures flew into our world there was no way of stopping the creatures now they had gone to far. Just then the mighty warrior Bilal appeared he took out his sword but just then he was attacked by a zombie so he died. […]

My 11 Birthday.

November 6, 2013

On my birthday 31st of October my Birthday on playstreet. Moinadeen gave me Ferrero Rocher,we played football after that we played 40 40 in and manhunt Moinadeen and Nasir where on. When we had a race we let Moinadeen start in the middle even Yousaf and Yasir still beat Moinadeen by far.   We finnaly […]


October 25, 2013

To day we will be doing to do golden nere home time


October 24, 2013

Today Im at school beacuse I havent went school for almost 2 weeks and almost everyone is saying your back. Today we went swimming and at swimming  we went to the mens changing room because the boys have to always go in the family changing room. First we jumped in to the swimming pool and swam […]

Oxford Road Community School Nursery

October 9, 2013

Today we went to Oxford Road Community School Nursery at George street park , as I was looking around I met Lio and Answa which is Altaf’s brother.I met some other children , but I didn’t ask there names even though I met them we started to play with a car which the boy or […]


October 4, 2013

Yesterday Damian and Bilal came to call me first I didn’t know why. I told my mum if I could go with them she asked me where are you going I said I dont know then I went with Bilal and Damian. Then I saw Lorne  street closed it also had lots of children on […]

100 word challenge

October 3, 2013

Yesterday I went archery and my highest score was 17.I beet roll of  honer it was 16.I was in team Euron , Rakim,Amin and Moinadeen were in my team is well. my team won .Team Euron had 142 points and team Launcelot had 70. But Launcelot had the highest score it was 44 but we still beat […]


October 2, 2013

Today was my first time playing futsal .I liked It was fun. Mr Boahene told us to dribble without a ball.We played 2 minute matches but be dide’nt finish some matches cause we were getting late.  


October 2, 2013

Today I went swimming and It was good.And we leaned to swim with out a float.Our swimming teacher told us to put our arms together and swim .    

day 3

October 2, 2013

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to futsal ,because its going to be good. And I haven’t played futsal for a long time and I looking forward to our class assembly because I’m going to talk about blogging.          

day 4

September 27, 2013

Its Friday my best day of the week. Futsal today its going to be good. were going to play futsal inside . And today fifa 14 is coming out today. Im looking forward to it.

today i played

September 25, 2013

today i won at fifa 13 with my cousin. i was fc barcelona and my cousin was real madrid. and i beat him 4-2. me and my cousin went to play cricket cause we were bored and we did’nt have nothing to do.So we were played cricket. we played and it took along time to […]


September 25, 2013

Yesterday I went archery and it was good. It was so hot in the hall.


September 25, 2013

Today I was blogging today ;and it was fun.