My 11 Birthday.

November 6, 2013

On my birthday 31st of October my Birthday on playstreet. Moinadeen gave me Ferrero Rocher,we played football after that we played 40 40 in and manhunt Moinadeen and Nasir where on. When we had a race we let Moinadeen start in the middle even Yousaf and Yasir still beat Moinadeen by far.   We finnaly […]

Prospect And Blessed Hugh Farringdon

October 5, 2013

Yesterday¬†I went to prospect school. I saw someone putting gas into bubbles and the lady carried it and put fire on it then the fire went on to the roof it looked impossible. Then we saw people looking inside a lambs heart. After that I went to do Geography. I went to do French if […]


October 4, 2013

Yesterday Damian and Bilal came to call me first I didn’t know why. I told my mum if I could go with them she asked me where are you going I said I dont know then I went with Bilal and Damian. Then I saw Lorne ¬†street closed it also had lots of children on […]

summer holiday

September 27, 2013

On the holiday I went to Devon with my mum and a friend. We went swimming there and a party for children it was fun. I went swimming with Damian,Tiffany,Rachel we played a few games in the pool like to find things and to keep them with you so the other team dose not get […]