The Curious Case of the Carrot that got Crunched in the Night

November 12, 2013

Rachel was baffled. She didn’t know she was baffled but then she looked it up in the Dictionary and found that she definitely was baffled.  What had led to her being baffled had begun several hours earlier – when she had gone to bed, in fact.  She had placed on her bedside table a glass […]


October 18, 2013

Today we have new classes hutch, cherry1,cherry2 . In Hutch Dave donent know if Roger still likes him anymore. Dave used to call him cute wunny bunny but now he says oi Furry face. I dont know if they are freind’s. He said.”when the gates are open i’m going to do a runner!” So we will […]

Tayyebs Big Effort! or why the world is in the mess it’s in today

October 15, 2013

Tayyeb had a problem. He was on Snug duty and Mr Lyford had told him to put everything away because it was going to rain. But he hadn’t told him what he meant by ‘everything’. He put all the play equipment in the shed and looked around. There were still lots of things left out. […]