October 16, 2013

Yesterday in archery Mr Lyford chose to do a 1 on 5 match me Emma Konrad Euron also Laucelot. We were winning by 15 points. On the second round I had got 21 points for the team but Mr Lyford had magiclly taken the lead we were losing I couldn’t beleive it. It was 1 […]

100 word challenge

October 3, 2013

Yesterday I went archery and my highest score was 17.I beet roll of  honer it was 16.I was in team Euron , Rakim,Amin and Moinadeen were in my team is well. my team won .Team Euron had 142 points and team Launcelot had 70. But Launcelot had the highest score it was 44 but we still beat […]

What Shall I Pick

October 2, 2013

I have reasently  seen the p.e blog about the school clubs.I have seen a comment from MrLyford and I liked the comment and I what to thanks MrLyford for Congratulations me when i got a bull-eye in Archery. I now Lancelot and Euron are team captains and it say what team will I pick?