My broken arm !

December 15, 2013

Breaking news on play street … I had broken my arm on play street. It all started with Football and then there  was a bike which is what caused me to trip over it and land over my arm I went to hospital straight away. I had to get an ex ray to check if […]

The people I admire

October 2, 2013

I’m not sure who I could admire , it could be my brother’s , parents or even somebody famous  , but my brothers have changed sense time passed by me all these years most of the people I have admired are my brother’s and sister , because most of the time I spend is with […]


October 2, 2013

The person I admire is Lionel Messi.Who is Messi? Messi is a professionl football player who is the best I recon. He is the king of dribbiling. For some of you who dont know what dribbiling is it a skill in football. You have to move the ball with your feet. He has won the Balon d’or 4 […]

100 word challenge

September 28, 2013

In this picture there are about five hundred people so that means it could be a football match or a wrestling match or maybe even a rugby match. First of all it cant be a wrestling match because the picture is shown out side but it does have a dome. Also a wrestling match does […]

summer holiday

September 27, 2013

On the holiday I went to Devon with my mum and a friend. We went swimming there and a party for children it was fun. I went swimming with Damian,Tiffany,Rachel we played a few games in the pool like to find things and to keep them with you so the other team dose not get […]

today i played

September 25, 2013

today i won at fifa 13 with my cousin. i was fc barcelona and my cousin was real madrid. and i beat him 4-2. me and my cousin went to play cricket cause we were bored and we did’nt have nothing to do.So we were played cricket. we played and it took along time to […]

Day boy1

September 25, 2013

Hello I am going to be starting to be doing blogging everyday so come and what I have bean doing but not yet.