October 16, 2013

I have just  joined  dodgeball  and Damian has given me an idea  I have Futsal  on a Friday and dogeball on the same day so on one week I will do Futsal  and the other week I will do Futsal my mum now thinks dodgeball is dangerous because Muteeb said we use hard footballs so […]


October 2, 2013

Today was my first time playing futsal .I liked It was fun. Mr Boahene told us to dribble without a ball.We played 2 minute matches but be dide’nt finish some matches cause we were getting late.  


October 1, 2013

Today my PE teacher Mr Lyford was  telling everyone  about my blog I did yesterday because it was really funny , today there was a weird the giant horseshoe table was leaking with water and that was weird because tables don’t leak  .Also today we did are assembly it actually went better then I thought […]