First bloggers tour around the Hexagon

November 28, 2013

On Monday, the first bloggers , went to the Hexagon they showed us lots of interesting things back stage. The first thing, they showed us was the stage rising at first I  thought the stage was going to come down from the roof gentely but I was wrong. The next place they took us was […]

first bloggers tour at the hexagon

November 26, 2013

Yesterday after meditation Mr Lyford told us to put our coats on. I said to him where are we going he said wait and see so we did.We where going to the hexagon. When we got there we had to wait inside so Mr Lyford could ask the lady to show us around.Next we went […]

Dinosaur Zoo

October 29, 2013

Tayyeb & Sadik, enjoy the trip to see Dinosaur Zoo @ The Hexagon – looking forward to reading your review post later this week.