November 12, 2013

Yesterday I did not do any of  my homework because of Mangahigh it was so long that I could not finish it. Now I have to do it or else it will become a Tuesday problem and homework for me is a Sunday problem.  And yesterday I could not finish it because of my brother […]


November 4, 2013

The  teachers in YR6 have gave’n me so much homework that I haven’t even been able to wnjoy this holiday I am really really tired so I am going to make this a quick blog. I am a little confused because every time I finish a peice of work from Mangahigh I just get another […]

Homework!I never knew that…

October 19, 2013

Today I just started to revise on my mental maths test and I never knew that it was easy because when I check I found some questions that were easy , but the thing is that I didn’t read the questions properly , even though I didn’t read it properly , but I think next […]

The homework and the prank

October 6, 2013

Today I haven’t done my homework so now that my cousins are here I have to do my homework also my big brother Danyal tricked me my tutor said she  was not going to come this Saturday  and Danyal said” she phoned me up saying I am coming today because the place she was going […]


September 30, 2013

Today I helped my dad wash the car because I kinda renewed the car  and I forgot to  do my school homework and the blog so I am  going to probably going to make a few mistakes  anyway today in the morning me , Muteeb were watching wrestling. But then Danyal kept on coming down […]


September 28, 2013

Today  I got up brushed my teeth ,had my breakfast,and watched some TV I watched some wrestling  and then I cleaned the house before my tutor came after 2 hours my tutor came  and she checked my work she set  me .After my tutor had finished tutoring  me I went to  relax then my mum […]

Day boy1

September 25, 2013

Hello I am going to be starting to be doing blogging everyday so come and what I have bean doing but not yet.