The process of a dragon’s life cycle

February 5, 2014

Last week we were looking at explanation texts. Then we made our own, here’s mine- Everyone knows that a Dragon starts it’s life as an lonely egg. Few people are aware of what leads to the varieties of Dragons. A dragon’s egg is very sensitive to it’s environment. Unlike other eggs Dragon eggs are will absorb anything that […]

the grand high vampire…3 ritual

November 8, 2013

Finally daddy bite me I blacked out for a second,the I started to do some levatation,that was the beginning of the trasformation then I felt a tingle all over my body then my incisors turned into fangs. Then my eyes turned red,I thirst for blood and I was beginning to have super speed. Now I’m […]

The Grand High Vampire2 fangs

November 6, 2013

It was a sunny day in San Frasisco when two lighting bolt collided and dad came,I finaly know who my father really was. Dad said soloumly, “Charlotte…it’s time,come with me to reclaim your ancient fangs.” “Ancient fangs you got to be kidding me!!really!.” I said extreamly Then we flew to Mount Evarest to reclaim my fangs.By […]

Ishmael’s Birthday

November 6, 2013

Yesterday I went to the River meed boat because it was my brother,Ishmeal ,birthday.Before i got there I saw my cousins, Haleema and Ishmail ,and I asked if they could come with us and my dad said “yes”. By the time we got there, Haleema started to say how long is the boat?. and I said […]

The Grand High Vampire…

October 25, 2013

Last night Charlotte had stayed up all night because on wednesday night there was a crash of thunder and lightning.Then out of nowhere there was thunder and a gigantic bolt of lighting.Could this be the legand of the grand high vampire searching for his long lost daughter? She quickly closed the curtains.Then there was a LOUD thump on the […]

Harvest festival

October 23, 2013

Today was the Harvest festival in our hall. We have it every once a year we had to do a poem me and saddik said Haunting blue notes from cello cascading. Yesterday we where practising it I had pronounced cello wrong everyone where laughing at me I felt embarressed at first our poem was 1 […]

Oxford Road Community School Nursery

October 9, 2013

Today we went to Oxford Road Community School Nursery at George street park , as I was looking around I met Lio and Answa which is Altaf’s brother.I met some other children , but I didn’t ask there names even though I met them we started to play with a car which the boy or […]

Open Morning Day!

October 8, 2013

Yesterday my class did invatations to ask if they could come for a few minutes. the next day my dad went to my classroomand did you my  my dad was quite good at doing the activities that was set for us.After that my dad had to go to my brother’s classroom and…he did.


September 25, 2013

Yesterday I went archery and it was good. It was so hot in the hall.


September 25, 2013

Today I was blogging today ;and it was fun.