October 16, 2013

Yesterday in archery Mr Lyford chose to do a 1 on 5 match me Emma Konrad Euron also Laucelot. We were winning by 15 points. On the second round I had got 21 points for the team but Mr Lyford had magiclly taken the lead we were losing I couldn’t beleive it. It was 1 […]


October 4, 2013

Yesterday Damian and Bilal came to call me first I didn’t know why. I told my mum if I could go with them she asked me where are you going I said I dont know then I went with Bilal and Damian. Then I saw Lorne  street closed it also had lots of children on […]

What Shall I Pick

October 2, 2013

I have reasently  seen the p.e blog about the school clubs.I have seen a comment from MrLyford and I liked the comment and I what to thanks MrLyford for Congratulations me when i got a bull-eye in Archery. I now Lancelot and Euron are team captains and it say what team will I pick?