My story starter on Cressida Cowells story starter

February 5, 2014

I was inspired by Cressida Cowells story starter. So I deceided to write my own story. Here is my story. It was a warm night for November, too warm a night for witches. But I smelt them all about me, in the quietness of the forest smell of burning hair mixed with long dead mice […]

My 400 words.

February 5, 2014

Today I just wrote my 400 word story. I am so proud of this because this story took me 2 weeks to write. But There is one thing I have’nt finished it. so If any of you guys have a idea for me please tell the way Part 2 is coming out this week or […]

My explanation text.

January 23, 2014

Here is my explanation text that I wrote in literacy. We planned it and then wrote it in our books. Nose blowing: the process    The average human nose holds 2.5g of snotaralious copious. An effect of not blowing your nose can be sneezing, which can be humiliating and remarkably disgusting. In order to stop snotaralious […]

My poem

January 17, 2014

I am writing a poem because of Brain Moses he inspired me to write a poem of my on. I am Tec 9 I know were Davei Jones loker is. I know why they call it Davei Jones loker. I know what happens there. I know who’s there. I know how to get there. I […]


December 7, 2013

On Tuseday  some people went to Madjaski dome to play a  footy match. Me, Rakim,Damian,Charlie,Alex,Kiyarash,Anas,Aminchi and Samir went to a  football match to paly a game of  football. We came 2nd and Battle came first. After our match we had lunch. Then we had a tour around Madjaski Stadium. We met Kingsley (the Reading mascot.) We  then […]

Visit to Hexagon

November 28, 2013

On Monday we visted the hexagon . At the  hexagon we were tour around auditorium . And the lady Fi showed us the  dressing room, in the dressing room we were showed were the stars got changed and we sat in some of the seats. In the auditorium 1686 people were allowed to sit in the seats. And […]

Swimming Canclled

November 14, 2013

Swimming was canclled. Because of the clawreen level, the clawreen level was to high witch meant we could not go swimming. I was angry  because this was ment to be our last lesson.   Has anything bad happend to you witch meant were ever your going you could not go.  

Mr Lyfords chalange.

November 13, 2013

A few days ago Mr Lyford put up a challange witch is quite hard. So far I am struggaling with the challange. I have wrote one comment to a different school in a different country. They haven’t posted but can anyone  help me to get more people from different countrys to look at our blogs.

A quiz

November 8, 2013

Today in my blogging I will add a new thing to my blog which is a quiz. This quiz is about World War 2. When did World War 2 start? When did it finish? How did it begin? Who won the war? What would you do to stop war? If you are up to the challange, […]


November 7, 2013

Yesterday it was bongfirenight and I saw loads of fireworks. They went boom, bang and loads of other fire works. Can you tell me what fire works you saw. And can any one tell me the  why we bonfirenght. And dose any one know the peom about bonfirenight.


November 7, 2013

Today it is bonfire night and today it is my aunties birthday. I am looking  forward to the bonfires and my aunties birthday. When the bonfires happen I will be ready to  some of the lights flash ad go boom. Can any one tell me what the first firework was and can some one tell […]


November 7, 2013

Mangahigh is a website for anyone. And any one can go on mangahigh all you need is an account. And on mangahigh it will help you with you  times tabeles and many other things about maths. And if you are interested in math then you should go to Mr Feary’s blog.


October 25, 2013

I am going to put a little sentence up and you have to tell me what you think can go in. I opened the the treasure chest and there was gold.  Tell me how many things can you find in the  treasure chest. And my other challange is what things will you take on a stranded […]

Scary day

October 24, 2013

2 Day’s ago it was a bad day because there was wild wether going on. There was thunder, lightning, rain and some hail. I was scared at first but then it stared to stop. can some on tell me why thunder storm and lightning is caued. ?  

My little challange

October 23, 2013

I chose these 2 picture for a reson can you tell me why I chose them.  

Harvest Festival

October 23, 2013

Today It was the harvest festival. And it was so great because every one preformed really great. I especily liked year 5 and year 3 prefomence. I saw lots of peoples with smile face I think the whole school is proud. I think the salvation army will be happy to know that we gave some donations. And […]

big day

October 22, 2013

Yesterday it was a big day because we have been doing  a few tests that were  hard but I’m sure every one manage to try their best. And today we have a lot of tets to do.  And Mr Lyford posted a new picture of our bloggers badges. And mr Feary’s has his own new blog. So […]


October 21, 2013

Today I did a practice SATS test my leg was shaking so much I tried to stop shaking but I could not. The worst thing about it was that I had to do it by myself and some of the children got work with the teachers. Moinadeen and I had to do it independent I […]


October 18, 2013

In OxfordRoadCommunitySchool we have new  things like our first bloggers badges and our new orcs sites for the yonger childeren in ks1. We got a  first bloggers badges for becomming a first bloger. I am going to tell you how we got our badges. It all started  at the beging of year 6. Our teacher told […]


October 16, 2013

Yesterday It was  Eid. For some of  who do not know what Eid is here is a little explanation. Eid is a celabration for muslims. We muslims do Eid because Every tribe, people or race throughout the world celebrates a festival of one sort or another. Muslims also celebrate some festive occasions on some days of […]


October 14, 2013

Here is my challange. If you can name some footballers starting whith the letter A to Z. No cheating for some of you who might go on a website that tells you. So try my challange if you dare.

Nursery Vist

October 10, 2013

Yesterday  the ORCS bloggers went to have a vist at the nursery in Gorge Street park. I had never seen it before it looked really cool. I had a great time at the nursery with some of the childeren,there were some teachers I remember when I was little. In the nursery I was playing with some of the kids […]

Oxford Road Community School Nursery

October 9, 2013

Today we went to Oxford Road Community School Nursery at George street park , as I was looking around I met Lio and Answa which is Altaf’s brother.I met some other children , but I didn’t ask there names even though I met them we started to play with a car which the boy or […]


October 4, 2013

Yesterday Damian and Bilal came to call me first I didn’t know why. I told my mum if I could go with them she asked me where are you going I said I dont know then I went with Bilal and Damian. Then I saw Lorne  street closed it also had lots of children on […]


October 2, 2013

The person I admire is Lionel Messi.Who is Messi? Messi is a professionl football player who is the best I recon. He is the king of dribbiling. For some of you who dont know what dribbiling is it a skill in football. You have to move the ball with your feet. He has won the Balon d’or 4 […]

What Shall I Pick

October 2, 2013

I have reasently  seen the p.e blog about the school clubs.I have seen a comment from MrLyford and I liked the comment and I what to thanks MrLyford for Congratulations me when i got a bull-eye in Archery. I now Lancelot and Euron are team captains and it say what team will I pick?  


September 29, 2013

It was  the end of the mach and sill penalties yet to go.Real Madrid was the first to shoot,they took a shot and they scored.Next it was Barcelona and there penalty taker took a shot and they scored.Next it was Real Madrid and they took a shot and missed.Up next was Barcelona there only chance […]

New School Vist.

September 27, 2013

I saw my new school that i will be going to.I liked the scool that I was going to it was very  fun,there was lots of  things to do.Like the Geograpy quiz,french.My sister showed my some other things.I am looking forward too going to my new school.Did you have a great time visting your new school.


September 25, 2013

Yesterday I went archery and it was good. It was so hot in the hall.


September 25, 2013

Today I was blogging today ;and it was fun.


September 25, 2013

Yesterday archery was the best,because it was my first time doing archey and I got a BULLSEYE.I am looking forward to next weeks lesson. I would like to thanks Mr Lyford for helping find  two new hobbys wich are ARCHERY and BLOGGING.