Ishmael’s Birthday

November 6, 2013

Yesterday I went to the River meed boat because it was my brother,Ishmeal ,birthday.Before i got there I saw my cousins, Haleema and Ishmail ,and I asked if they could come with us and my dad said “yes”. By the time we got there, Haleema started to say how long is the boat?. and I said […]

Post from Spain

November 1, 2013

Bienvenidos a Almeria. Yesterday I went for a very big bike ride with a cycling journalist from Cyclist magazine. They wanted to write an article on riding in the mountains down here and asked if I would guide them. We rode about 100 miles and it took all day to with two very big mountains […]

One weird thing

October 23, 2013

Today I was sitting down on my chair Mr Lyford came to me and said I have a comment from Miss Sparrowhawk saying good thing about my blog. After… Mr Lyford showed me something on his twitter account. He went on his email and had a reply from Anthony Horowitz he asked me do you […]

big day

October 22, 2013

Yesterday it was a big day because we have been doing  a few tests that were  hard but I’m sure every one manage to try their best. And today we have a lot of tets to do.  And Mr Lyford posted a new picture of our bloggers badges. And mr Feary’s has his own new blog. So […]


October 16, 2013

Yesterday in archery Mr Lyford chose to do a 1 on 5 match me Emma Konrad Euron also Laucelot. We were winning by 15 points. On the second round I had got 21 points for the team but Mr Lyford had magiclly taken the lead we were losing I couldn’t beleive it. It was 1 […]

Open Morning Day!

October 8, 2013

Yesterday my class did invatations to ask if they could come for a few minutes. the next day my dad went to my classroomand did you my  my dad was quite good at doing the activities that was set for us.After that my dad had to go to my brother’s classroom and…he did.


October 8, 2013

Last Week I went to do saxophone and the teacher came and looked at me doing the sax phone and she sad I am getting better at saxophone  then she went after I was doing it brilont  the  teacher came agen got shoched  because I read it realy good all so I  never give up any time. The next week Roger […]

What Shall I Pick

October 2, 2013

I have reasently  seen the p.e blog about the school clubs.I have seen a comment from MrLyford and I liked the comment and I what to thanks MrLyford for Congratulations me when i got a bull-eye in Archery. I now Lancelot and Euron are team captains and it say what team will I pick?  


September 25, 2013

Today I was blogging today ;and it was fun.


September 25, 2013

Yesterday archery was the best,because it was my first time doing archey and I got a BULLSEYE.I am looking forward to next weeks lesson. I would like to thanks Mr Lyford for helping find  two new hobbys wich are ARCHERY and BLOGGING.

Day 1

September 24, 2013

This morning 12 brave young men set off on a fantastic journey into the blogging world …. …. their journey may continue later today if they are truly brave enough to get their first blog out there ….