Ishmael’s Birthday

November 6, 2013

Yesterday I went to the River meed boat because it was my brother,Ishmeal ,birthday.Before i got there I saw my cousins, Haleema and Ishmail ,and I asked if they could come with us and my dad said “yes”. By the time we got there, Haleema started to say how long is the boat?. and I said […]

Open Morning Day!

October 8, 2013

Yesterday my class did invatations to ask if they could come for a few minutes. the next day my dad went to my classroomand did you my  my dad was quite good at doing the activities that was set for us.After that my dad had to go to my brother’s classroom and…he did.

Guess who I saw today

September 25, 2013

Bilal will know … Mrs Salter popped into school late this afternoon and I told her all about our First Bloggers journey and how you were all really excited about posting online and using blogging to improve your writing. She was excited for you guys! She also said to say “Hello” and I have promised […]