half term

January 14, 2014

In the half term my cuson came to have a sleep over at my house and we went to swimming we were plaing the last person who stays under the water is the winner  and the winner was me.Then after 30 min we had to go out of the swimming pool.After we had a shawer […]

What Thunder can do ?

October 29, 2013

On the weekend it was my aunties birthday. I was scared because of the thunder I could not sleep. On the next day I had gone to a sleepover for a day. And again the thunder came back it was worse I heard 4 people had died from trees. A wall had broke by my […]


October 16, 2013

Yesteday I went to cosmo  becouse it was Eid wen we got there the shop was not opend yet it was close at 3.oo and opend at 5.30 so we went to have a nice Eid on the day allso I did not want to go home becouse the food was so so taysty that I can not […]