Tayyebs Big Effort! or why the world is in the mess it’s in today

Tayyeb had a problem. He was on Snug duty and Mr Lyford had told him to put everything away because it was going to rain. But he hadn’t told him what he meant by ‘everything’.

He put all the play equipment in the shed and looked around. There were still lots of things left out. He managed to drag all the wooden tables, where the children had their lunch, over to the shed and push them in, and then he got Dave’s hutch – with Dave still in it – and pushed that in alongside everything else. He looked around the playground. Of course there was no way he was going to get the outdoor classroom into the shed. Unless…….he climbed up on the roof and jumped up and down on it until it collapsed and then put all the bits in the shed.

The playground was going to be a problem because it was so big and flat but he managed to roll it up like a carpet and got it into the shed OK. Then he lifted up a corner of the school building and by pulling and puffing and shoving and huffing, was able to cram it into the shed. Then he folded Reading into a large cube shape and put that in. He stacked England, Wales and Scotland into a neat pile and tucked it into a corner of the shed. Then he rolled up Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain into a big untidy bundle and put a sticky label on it which said ‘PIGS’ – which is the first letter of the names of Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain. Then he added the rest of Europe to the bundle and stuffed that in.

Africa was a problem because it was a continent with lots of countries in it and some very big animals like elephants and hippos but somehow he managed to get it in. Asia was huge with lots of rice paddies but he found if he rolled it up and then squeezed out all the water it was just like a big jelly and he sort of oozed it into the shed. The shed was filling up now and he didn’t know how he would get Australia in, after all, it was the largest island in the world. But he found once he’d jumped up and down on it and hit it with a rolling pin, he got it flat like a pancake and wafted it in on top of everything else.

Finally he pulled down the sun, moon, stars and universe and shoved them in and closed the door. He was feeling very pleased with himself, but he was quite tired and ready to go home for his tea. But then he suddenly realised – his house and his bedroom were in Reading, which was underneath Europe, the rest of the world and the universe. So then he had to open the shed door, get the sun out first so he could see what he was doing, and start unpacking everything. It was much easier getting it all out as he just pulled everything out and left in on the ground. ‘Someone else can sort out the mess’, he muttered to himself as he dumped Iraq and Iran next to America. Australia complained when they woke up and found their country had been flattened but they always complain and they shouldn’t really as it’s not even their country, they just borrowed it and never gave it back.

Finally he got Reading out and was able to home and have a well-earned rest. Unfortunately he’d forgotten that the school had been underneath Reading and so he hadn’t got it out of the shed. Next morning the children were shocked and dismayed when they got to school and found an empty space where the school had been. So they went home and happily told their mum they  had the day off because the school wasn’t there but of course their mum didn’t believe them and they were grounded for a week.

Now Tayyeb has to stay late every day and put the school away in the shed when everyone has gone home, and then arrive early in the morning and get it out, so Roger can unlock the gates and let him in. He commented ‘ I never knew snug duty would be such hard work !’

Mrs Hurst gave him one Merit point for effort.

Mr Lyford has still not explained what he means by ‘everything’.

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  1.   Mr Lyford Says:

    Great story Roger, welcome to First Bloggers … we look forward to reading more of your brilliant tales.

  2.   Dani Hall Says:

    I love the bit about squeezing the water out of Asia. ONE measly merit point, though, is Mrs H. really that mean??!

  3.   Tafari Says:

    Do you find it easyer to write?

  4.   savera Says:

    Roger I love reading your tales I am awaiting for your new posts
    give you

    star- great vocabulary

  5.   Miss Hogan Says:


    I’m trying to compose myself…

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