The first day back

To kick off the start of the day I went to judo where I was brutally hurt when Amin had pushed my neck down so hard that it felt like it was “bleeding.” Then we had Literacy, it wasn’t as fun as usual, after that we had Assembly and ┬áthe topic was respect. After the Assembly we had break and I was playing a game called Infection and it was nice to be with my friends again after the holidays. Then we had Maths and in Maths we did addition and I thought it was easy however in SATS I got a little confused because they tried to see if you understood it properly. We had lunch and me and my friends played Cricket and when lunch ended we all went back into class and we had a Year 6 Team discussion about what we wanted to achieve by the end of the year. After the discussion it was time to go home so we all got our stuff and went home all in all it was an okay first day.

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