The Gem Of Life

There was a wasn’t a sound as Joe kept sleeping on his bed which he dreamed on everyday , however this time it was different for Joe, because this time he heard sounds coming through his wall as if it wanted to tell him something.

Suddenly , Joes body started to move and go through the wall into a dimension , next he started to feel air glushing through his face , as he started to realize that he was about to fall 50m , however when he fell onto the ground he started to bounce like he was on a trampalean , therefore it took a while to balance properly on the ground.

Instantly, Joe started to smell a horrible aroma which came from the dark road ahead, then he saw a beam of light gleaming through the dark forest as he turned himself around he started to run through the the dark forest , because the light was catching up, after he bolted through the plains and saw the destrutive path that the light had made.Then Joe saw a strange man following him , right after that the stranger said to Joe “Find the Gem of Life to find your destiny.”



after that the man just vanished making a noise “POOF” as if he teleported.

Next, Joe saw the light zooming through the woods as he hid behind a strange dusty old shed which looked like a ruin , but then he saw a painting of … as the light crept closer every second

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