The Light

In the distance I saw a destructive light grabbing crumbled peaces of  buildings and pulling them into the light , bolting as quick I as I could smelling the red blood  stenching through the hollow forest , I knew the speed of the light was too fast for me as I kept running through the forest in fear of it taking me into the darkness of the light , suddenly I saw a zombie , however I knew if it touched me I would have turned into a light slave , so I tried my best to leap through logs and avoid falling on the ground as I ran across the forest.It was tracking me down with it’s anti light work system.

Suddenly I knew I got away from it but when I turned around I knew that was the worst mistake…

To be continued…

4 Responses to “The Light”

  1.   Tafari Says:

    I would love to read more of the light will it be longer than the first one

  2.   Ibraheem Says:

    Sadik I really like the way you put your story in a cliffhanger.Could you write another one?
    By the way,is your story going to be longer then the last?

  3.   Ronnie Says:

    Very good whoever made this I like the light that you’ve put in to it could you write more about this I’m interested.please visit visit my blog, tell Mr Lyford I visited its Ronnie who wrote the homework machine.

  4.   Chris Says:

    I loved the story but now I’m wanting to see more. Why don’t you come and see our blog we could have some help with our description problem 🙂 .

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