The process of a dragon’s life cycle

Last week we were looking at explanation texts. Then we made our own, here’s mine-

Everyone knows that a Dragon starts it’s life as an lonely egg. Few people are aware of what leads to the varieties of Dragons. A dragon’s egg is very sensitive to it’s environment. Unlike other eggs Dragon eggs are will absorb anything that comes into contact with it. This leads to a variety of different types of Dragons.

Once they have hatched it let’s of an horrible aroma that can kill any living things around it. As a result of this, the Dragon has a large amount of space in the habitat around it.

The first year of a Dragon hatchling learns how to use it’s power for good use (it uses it’s power for food and for battle) .However if they use it for lazyness then it would get fatter and fatter untill it pops like an balloon.

To begin with,different types of Dragons take different amounts of years to be fully grown. However if the dragon it tamed before it’s fully grown then it would rapidly grow till it’s fully grown. Then it will abandon it’s egg ,to test it’s survival skills. However if the Dragon explores and nearly dies then it’s mother will eat it alive.

A Dragon sometimes can die because of old age but mostly from polution that goes into the sky. Once they are dead rocks arount the dragon form a crystal sphere and teleports the dargon inside it. Then the crystal sphere will go inside the sun for the dragon to be reborn.

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