The world in the tip of pain!

Today I took my bike out , but it felt a bit weird taking my bike at 10 a.m in the morning so I put it back in my shed , the strange thing is that there was nothing left outside when I put it in the shed and lock the door , so I took it back out even though I took the bike out nothing happened.

So went on my bike and I ended up sleeping on it , but eventually I woke up on the ground which I thought was a bit weird because I never knew what happened , but I didn’t want to spend any more time standing next to my bike, I tried to put my bike in , but couldn’t , even though I put it a while ago.

I tried to stay strong , but I eventually I put the bike in , even though I put the bike I still needed to go back inside my house , so I just opened the door and the house was not there , but that’s not what just happened , SPACE was the thing I saw , even though it is space I realized that the Earth looked like a bent circle , but when I realized it was too late.Australia popped while the Earth had volcanoes which erupted , but that wasn’t it because a spacecraft was right in front of me and was going to…


(To be continued)

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  1.   Sadik Says:

    I’m not sure when to put part 2 or 3 of The World In The Tip Of Pain , so could anybody tell me when to put it.
    You expect when its going to come and you could even get ready right away.

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