Tour to the Hexagon

A few days ago the First Bloggers went to Hexagon , however we had an exclusive chance to have a tour of the back stage , in addition we learned a few things about it , if you want to know more read on:

Firstly we went to the stage where they put the act , even though we saw that , the first thing I saw was a brightly powered beam of light pushing through the ceiling , however right after that I saw a person coming onto the stage , she was called the stage manager , even though she was the stage manager I started to realize that she was doing training with the the person that puts the beam of light , although he does have to on and off the light the person who does it has a huge role to play because if he doesn’t know where the person who comes and starts acting  he is going to have a hard time to keep up , so I think that he has some training to remember where the person moves.

After that upstairs and found out that there are 1686 chairs , however after we found out some facts the First Bloggers went out to go back to ORCS , but to be honest I felt a bit sleepy.

2 Responses to “Tour to the Hexagon”

  1.   Miss Hogan Says:

    Sadik, I have been to the Hexagon a few times but never been back stage! I love your description of the brightly powered light pushing through the ceiling- I’ve not seen this before but with your descriptive writing I could build the picture in my head. Did you find any weird or wonderful costumes backstage?

    Miss Hogan

  2.   Sadik Says:

    No , but I did find a weird chair which made me go down for eg when I sat on it , the chair made me sink into it.So that was a bit weird for me , however when I was there I saw a room which was dark and spooky.

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