Viper Venom – from Cressida Cowell’s Story starter

It was a warm night for November, too warm a night for witches. But I smelt them all about me, in the quietness of the forest , a smell of burning hair mixed with long dead mice and a little chilli kick of viper’s venom – once smelled, never forgotten ,I began to run, for the stench was getting stronger, and long lean panther shapes were leaping from tree to tree above me.

It was too late for me , however sudently I saw a huge hole on the ground , but I knew if I fell in it , it would be the end for me. Although my mind was running all around me , I knew what to do.

I jumped in the hole and somehow the witches lost track of me , but I knew they where tracking me down , so I tried to get my scent of , but suddenlly I saw a great big hat.

Suddenly it grabbed me with it’s silky fingers , however as it was sharpening its WAND I saw a gleaming shadow in the distance , but I knew if I said a thing it would attack , so I just threw a peace of dusty hair on the ground , even though I did that I knew I needed it’s attention so I just gleaned it’s attention by screaming “I SEE SOMEONE IN A BUSH.”

But it was just the hair on the bush , however as it dropped me onto the ground and ran towards the bush , I knew where to go , but suddenly my old friends (witches) came back , I knew there was no way out of this , but suddenly I saw an old man , however I knew he couldn’t smell them only I could , although I thought I could only see them this old man was dodging all the old dust , but I knew if he got touched by one of those spores he was done because of his age.

Slowly I started to gain information about him , however I knew that shadow I saw earlier wasn’t from the old man so who was it from?
I tried my best to run from the battle area because of the chaos around me , however when I heard a noise coming from the south , I started to run as fast as I could , but instantly everything went pitch black as I heard the noise getting closer to me…

To be continued…

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  1.   Sadik Says:

    I haven’t still put his/he/thing name so I MIGHT put it’s name on my next post about this.

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