We make pizzas!

Today we went to Pizza Express and learned lots of things about pizza. I forgot to take a notebook to write it all down, but it doesn’t matter because I can remember everything.

Pizzas were invented 4000 years ago by an Italian shepherd boy who left his lunch under a tree in the morning and when he came back at lunchtime and sat under the tree, an apple fell on his head and he invented the pizza.

Pizza Express was started in 1968 by a man in London who wanted to buy a pizza but couldn’t find one anywhere. So he had to fly to Italy, buy an oven, bring it back to London, set up a shop and start selling pizzas just so he could buy one. If he was that hungry he should have just got himself some fish and chips and saved himself a lot of trouble.

The man at Pizza Express, called Stuart, said he eats 500 pizzas every Saturday – at least I think that’s what he said. That’s 50 an hour, which is almost one pizza a minute. You’d think he’d be a big fat man but he wasn’t. He must go to the gym a lot.

Stuart likes talking to school children about pizzas because his wife wants to talk about clothes and shopping and is fed up of hearing about where mozzarella cheese comes from and how much it costs to make each pizza.

Some people like anchovies on their pizza, which is a dead fish which has been squashed under a lot of other dead fish and salt. Why anyone would want a salty dead fish on their pizza is a mystery.

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